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How to Unlock Lost Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Lost Pattern Lock

Protecting mobile privacy and personalizing
At the same time, everyone has the right to protect information
Liked to lock their mobile.
Pattern locking and password generally on smartphones
Locking lets all the phones lock.
But for any reason the locking pattern is set or not
If you forget the password then it is done. The reason
In that case, own mobile itself
You can not use If that happens then
What to do? How to unlock yourself
Find out, simple strategy-

1. If you can not open the phone lock in the first
Switch off the phone.

2. Wait a minute after that.

3. This time the phone's volume button, power button, and more
Hold down the homescreen button simultaneously. Something
See you in a moment, your mobile
The light of the screen is lit, and
Reboot data, Wipe has been flown on the screen
Data / factory reset, install updates, power
Down and advanced options.

4. Wipe data / factory reset
Select the option.

5. Then select yes, delete all data.
As soon as the phone starts to reset.

6. Once the reset ends, the same disadvantage
Will show up From there select the reboot data
Restart the phone. See, mobile
Has been unlocked.
Almost all smartphones will be effective.
But keep in mind, mobile in this process
Unlocking in internal memory of mobile
All saved data will be deleted as well.
As a result, try using mobile
Do, all the photos, videos etc. External
Save to memory card. Then more data
Do not get lost in the problem.


And to adopt this method before it
Must open seams and memory cards.

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